"Hardtack And Gunpowder" by Philip Ley and Friends is available at Lamborn's in Athens, Ohio and at Savings Hardware and Attitudes Hair Salon in Nelsonville, Ohio.

    "Hardtack And Gunpowder" is our followup to our first Civil War CD, "Campfires And Battlecries"! "Hardtack and Gunpowder" features all original material performed in the same Americana style with more of the narrations by Phil Ley that proved so popular on the first CD!.

    Song List:

      1. Steel Rails - Written by Dave Norris, Looks at the railroads during the Civil War.
      2. Look At Em Go - Being in the wrong place at the wrong time on either side! Written by Phil Ley.
      3. Face To Face - Features Phil Lay as a Yankee and Rafael Eledge as a Rebel. Words by Butch Holcambe and music by Phil Ley.
      4. All Thise Years Ago- A Phil Ley song about the Civil War years.
      5. Ghosts Of The Civil War - Features the vocal talents of J.W. Smith. Written by Dave Norris.
      6. A Diggers Dream - A song that tells the story of a relic hunter's reoccuring dream. Written by Phil Ley.
      7. For Those Who Died - Written by Dave Norris.
      8. The Wilderness - Written by Phil Ley and Dave Norris this song recalls events from this terrible battlefield.
      9. A Loving Family - Written by Phil Ley and Ron Mash reflects on a family torn in two by the war.
      10. Never Quit, Never Run - A song written by Ron Mash records in song the general feeling from both sides of the conflict.
      11. Morgan's Raiders - Written by Ron Mash about an iconic raid through a small Ohio town.
      12. This Grand Adventure- A song about how the war was generally viewed at the outset. Written by Phil Ley.
      13. Ghost Soldier- Features the vocals of Jim Stack on a song written by Mark Dean and Ron Mash.

    Special Guests:
      Dr. J. W. Smith vocal on "Ghosts Of The Civil War"

      Rafael Eledge vocal on "Face To Face"

      Jim Stack vocal on "Ghost Soldier"

      Phil Ley - guitars, vocals, percussion
      Ron Mash - guitar, vocals
      Dave Norris - bass guitar and vocals
      Norm Shaner - drums
      Jimmy Joe Guess - harmonica
      Richard Comer - Dobro and Banjo
      Butch Holcombe - mandolin
      Terry Monk - finger style guitar on "For Those Who Died"
      Joe Majercak - drums on "Ghosts Of The Civil War"
      Greg Jones- resonator guitar on "Loving Family"

    Produced by Phil Ley, Ron Mash and Dave Norris

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