"Campfires and Battlecries, Echos of the Civil War" by Philip Ley and Friends is available at Lamborn's in Athens, Ohio and at Insea Sound Shop, Savings Hardware and Attitudes Hair Salon in Nelsonville, Ohio. The CD is also on sale now at The Gettysburg Battlefield Museum AND at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Ill. !

    For several years I've wanted to put together a collection of music for the Civil War enthusiast. Music that you can play in your shop, relic room or in your truck on your way to hunt relics! Finally the project is complete. I want to thank Dave Norris and Ron Mash and all of the musicians that came through the doors at D & R Studio. Also, thank you to Butch and Anita Holcombe of American Digger Magazine for their assistance with this project.
    Listen to "Campfires and Battlecries", I hope that you enjoy the music.

Phil Ley

Song List:

    1. Tennessee - Written by Phil Ley from a Civil War soldier's point of view.
    2. Johnny Reb - A classic Merle Kilgore Civil War tune.
    3. The Story Of Taps - Phil tells the story of the origins of Taps.
    4. My Good Friend - Another Phil Ley song about two friends who grew up during the Civil War years.
    5. Dedication To Claude Roberts - Phil's dedication to a relic hunting buddy.
    6. Rebel Soldier - A song that tells the story of a Confederate prisoner of war.
    7. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band classic..Relic Hunter's version - additional verse by Phil Ley.
    8. When Johnny Comes Marching Home - A folk song from the Civil War era.
    9. The Battle Of Bull Run - Written by Texan Leon Payne about the over confident North at the start of the Civil War.
    10. Shenandoah - A haunting melody from the Civil War.

    Phil Ley - guitars, backing vocals, percussion, jaw harp plus lead vocals on tracks 1,3,4,5,6 and 7.
    Ron Mash - guitar, keyboards and backing vocals.
    Dave Norris - bass guitar and backing vocals plus lead vocals on tracks 2 and 9.
    Norm Shaner - drums on track 7.
    Kay Carter - backing vocal and trumpet on track 7 plus "taps" on track 2.
    Jimmy Joe Guess - harmonica.
    Richard Comer - Dobro and Banjo.
    Larry Anderson - resonator guitar on track 8.
    Amy Doner - backing vocals on track 4.
    Bill Mullins - mandolin on track 4.

Produced by Phil Ley, Ron Mash and Dave Norris

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